Multi-axis lathe for mass production
CNC Underfloor type wheel lathe

Machining Center

Table type horizontal boring and milling machine
Floor type horizontal boring and milling machine
Vertical 5axis machining center
Multi-axis machining center for mass production
Horizontal 5axis machining center
Vertical 5axsis machining center

Multi-axis turning center

Multi-axis turning center for mass production

Grinding machine

Multi-profile grinding machine
High-precision shape -forming grinding machine
Internal/External complex grinding machines

Gear grinding machine

Multi axis grinding machine

Cleaning Machine

Vacuum type cleaning machine using Hydro Carbon solvent. Hybrid cleaning system

Automatic loading device

Various special purpose machine with automatic loading device.

Metallic mould

Multi axis griding machine


Retrofit, modification and repair for precision machines


Inernal crankshaft pin miller RFK300
Radial forging machine/Ultrasonic cutting machine/Milling machine
Deep rolling machine Type7895
Cylinder box coating machine
Precise laser welding machine
Transfer center (Transfer machine + Machining center)
Multi tasking lathe with pick-up spindle
Water jet washing machine
Magnetic pulse machine for forming and welding
Rolling machine for spline, thread and profile


Panel riveter for aircraft
Composite processing machine
Special press machine

Steel making

Low pressure die casting machine Type1011
Laser welding machine HSL-17
Pipe threading line CTM Series


Transfer machine
Automatic robot grinding and polishing line
Helium gas liquefication equipment Series 1400, 1600