Our Strengths

With a wealth of technical power Itochu Machine-technos offers strong support at every step in introducing mechanical equipment, from selection, purchase and installation, through after service. As a specialized trading company that supplies machinery, turning 50-plus years of our cumulative results into safety, we support even more customers.

High technical strength

Problem solving is based on expertise

As a specialized trading company, we have supported the introduction of a large quantity of machinery. Based on extensive experience, we accurately grasp customer issues and propose optimal solutions.

We offer the best machinery in the world

We carry not only machinery made in Japan, but also advanced machinery manufactured overseas. As we are constantly on the lookout for new information around the globe, we are able to make the most appropriate suggestions from our broad lineup.

Our engineer ratio indicates high technical strength

We have a lot of engineers and we realize a high engineer rate as a machinery trading company.Having a great number of engineers with their respective know-how, we are providing high technical capabilities and full support system.

Extensive response capabilities

Response to issues at every phase

While we are a trading company, the great number of our diverse qualified technicians includes licensed engineers and First-Class architects, and the total solutions we provide for machinery cover selection, delivery, installation, trial runs, operation instruction and maintenance.

We supply a wide product lineup

We carry a wide range of fields, from Textile & Nonwoven Machinery to machine tools and food and pharmaceutical machinery, and industrial machinery. The machinery best matching customer needs is selected from among domestically produced high-performance machinery and advanced machinery imported from overseas.

Globally expanding operations

In addition to our domestic and overseas locations, we provide full support throughout the world by utilizing the Itochu Group overseas network.

Reliable service creates trust

Cumulative results demonstrate trust

For over fifty years since our establishment, our continued support for a large clientele has allowed us to maintain a high market share in the domain of machinery introduction. The many requisition orders we have received are proof of customer trust.

We are proud to be an Itochu Group business

As a wholly owned Itochu Corporation subsidiary, we provide services worthy of the Itochu name. We utilize the Group network, and aim to be a “technically-oriented, specialized trading company that supplies machines” which can yield high added value.

A well-rounded workforce subsequently creates trust

Trust in Itochu Machine-technos originates from the sense of responsibility and exuberant enthusiasm of our personnel. In order to continue supporting more clients, we focus on recruiting enthusiastic individuals as well as educating our employees.